Al Fakher Tobacco – let’s start with the best!

If you are just going to touch the culture of hookah smoking and don’t know what products to start with, then we advise you to pay attention to Al Fakher tobacco. And that’s why.

Al Fakher Story

The company was founded back in 1999 in the United Arab Emirates. In the country where hookah smoking has its own long traditions. The enterprise was established largely due to the increased interest in hookah. Passion for hookah at that time was stirred up not only in the Middle East, but also in the Western world. In fact, it was one of the first companies that consciously adapted its products to European consumers.

In a short time, Al Fakher managed to press the Nakhla company on the market. Until that moment, it had been the main leader in the production of flavored tobaccos – muassels. Al Fakher muassels have gained such popularity that almost every hookah smoker knows them. Naturally, this brand is not got past by any single newcomer.

Today, the company has an office in Dubai, four large factories and distributes its products in more than 80 countries.

Production technology

The Al Fakher tobacco is made of Virginia tobacco leaf, which is grown in Germany and France. The production begins with the soaking of tobacco leaf that reduces the percentage of nicotine and harmful tar in it. Then soaked tobacco is impregnated with syrup, glycerin and natural flavors, all of the components have its own special taste. The production’s details are kept in the strictest confidence. This allows Al Fakher to remain the most sought-after muassels’ manufacturer in the world.


When tobacco is ready, it is sealed. It is important that the blend, as long as possible, not to lose its freshness, moisture and taste.

The made mass is first put in a bag of multilayer foil. Then it is placed in a cardboard box, which is wrapped with cellophane on top.

There are three ways to pack by Al Fakher.

  1. A box with a bag containing 50 g of tobacco.
  2. A larger box weighing 500 g, containing ten 50-gram sachets.
  3. A plastic bucket weighing 1 kg with a multilayer bag inside. The bucket has a lid with a zip-lock latch, which reliably protects the contents from air. Such kilogram buckets are usually purchased by hookah bars.

Al Fakher Tobacco Virtues

The main advantage of Al Fakher is an ideal balance of high quality and affordable price. It is not without the reason that Al Fakher muassels can be found in almost any hookah tobacco seller (and we are no exception). High quality is ensured with the use of only natural flavors and the purity of their taste.

The tobacco itself is enough soaked (it is not needed to squeeze it out before placing in a hookah bowl). The heating temperature of the tobacco is also medium that reduces the risk of burning it out. When smoking, there is abundant, but light smoke. Therefore, Al Fakher tobacco is especially popular with those who prefer flavor rather than strength. With aroma, there is generally complete order. The company produces more than 50 brands and each of them has its own special fruit or berry taste. Thanks to such a wide selection, Al Fakher tobaccos will allow you not only to find your favorite taste, but also to create the most ingenious mixes.

The most popular Al Fakher flavor is “Two Apple” – it is this brand that beginners usually start with. It is followed by: “Melon”, “Grapes”, “Cherry”, “Watermelon” … You can find the full assortment in our website product catalogue. Separately, it is worth highlighting the muassel with the taste of mint gum. Usually it goes well with any other tobacco, adding a pleasant chill and freshness.

Al Fakher tobacco line

Al Fakher products are available on the market in several lines.

  1. Standard.

Well, standard speaks for itself. Average tobacco slicing, medium strength, a standard set of flavors and a very affordable price.

  1. Gold.

Tobaccos of this line are more expensive, and there is every reason. Tobacco leaf here is more selected and finely chopped. Therefore, it is better impregnated and practically does not require any processing before smoking. In addition, it contains better flavors and has a richer flavor.

  1. Arena

It contains a range of exclusive flavors that are not available in other ranges.

  1. Nicotine-free.

This line includes aromatic blends created without the tobacco. It is good for those who either do not want to inhale nicotine, or want to get rid of addiction to it.

We think that after the above, the question of which hookah tobacco should be tasted first will disappear by itself.

September 29, 2020

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