Hookah tobacco Al Fakher – Mojito

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Hookah tobacco Al Fakher – Mojito reproduces the well-known and long-loved Mojito cocktail of the same name. Tobacco smokes well, mint and lime, as well as soda are vividly felt. Despite the fact that lime itself has a sour taste with spicy bitterness, tobacco is without acid aftertaste and even somewhat sweet. For those who love sweet tastes, we recommend to add peach, grape or guava.

Minimum batch of tobacco: 1 ton (1000 kg.)

Price: is decided individually


Hookah tobacco Al Fakher – Mojito

Hookah tobacco Al Fakher with Mojito Flavor            

Al Fakher produces tobacco products and hookah accessories in the United Arab Emirates, which are popular all over the world. The tobacco recipes are kept in secret by the manufacturer, which make them unique. A huge advantage is a loyal pricing policy that makes them affordable for a wide range of consumers. Another new product from Al Fakher is hookah tobacco with the taste of Mojito.

Specifications – Tobacco Al Fakher

Tobacco tasteMojito
Producer Al Fakher
Country of Origin United Arab Emirates (UAE)
CompositionNatural flavoring, Molasses, Virginia Tobacco


The HOOKAH company is engaged in the wholesale supply of hookah tobaccos, coals and other accessories, directly from manufacturers located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In the best interests of the client, we can purchase and ship goods to the desired country with full logistic and customs support.

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Минимальная партия

от 1000 кг.