Hookah tobacco Ali Fakter – Two Apples

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Ali Fakter – Two Apples is a real revolution in the world of hookah tobacco. When smoking hookah, you will feel the double pleasure of a bright and intense fresh sour apple. Subtle notes of anise in combination with red and green fruits will definitely impress you. Ali Fakter – Two Apples is wonderfully suitable for creating smoking blends. Many people prefer to mix it with melon, cardamom, mint, cappuccino, grapes, cinnamon, cherry and many other tobacco flavors.

Minimum batch of tobacco: 1 ton (1000 kg.)

Price: is decided individually


Hookah tobacco Ali Fakter – Two Apples

Hookah tobacco Ali Fakter with Two Apples Flavor

Ali Fakter is a leader in the hookah industry, both in the UAE market and around the world. The tobacco contains no colorants or chemical flavors; the manufacturer uses exclusively natural ingredients. Hookah tobacco Ali Fakter with the taste of Two Apples has a bright fruity aroma and is perfect for creating numerous tobacco mixes. If you have ever tried this tobacco, you will never forget it.

Specifications – Tobacco Ali Fakter

Tobacco tasteTwo Apples
Producer Ali Fakter
Country of Origin United Arab Emirates (UAE)
CompositionNatural flavoring, Molasses, Virginia Tobacco, Glycerin


The HOOKAH company is engaged in the wholesale supply of hookah tobaccos, coals and other accessories, directly from manufacturers located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In the best interests of the client, we can purchase and ship goods to the desired country with full logistic and customs support.

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Минимальная партия

от 1000 кг.