A hookah flask – what is it for?

Probably the catchiest part of the hookah is the flask (sometimes called a vase), from which during smoking a characteristic gurgle is heard. It is clear – after all, a flask for a hookah is a reservoir with liquid, where smoke comes from the shaft.

Passing through the water, the smoke is additionally cleaned from harmful impurities, cooled and moistened. And, if you add any ingredients to the water, it also acquires new shades of taste.

“- Granny! I’m sorry! I smashed your favorite vase again.
“Well, what is it … The third hookah in a week!”


What flasks are made of?

Flasks can be made of a wide variety of materials – glass, ceramics, plastic, metal. As in the case of the bowl, a role of flask can even be played with a hollowed fruit – for example, a pumpkin (but today this “technology” is more exotic).

Most hookah smokers agree that it is best to purchase transparent glass flasks. Firstly, it is practical – you can watch the level and quality of the water. Secondly, the very process of gurgling and bubbling gives many a purely aesthetic pleasure.

The only serious drawback of a glass flask is its relative fragility. Therefore, when buying, be sure to check that there are no cracks or chips on the glass.

The most beautiful flasks are made of Bohemian glass or crystal. However, due to the high price, they will have to be used three times more carefully.

Ceramic flasks are very nice, but they are even more fragile than glass.

Metal flasks are the most durable and reliable, but the water level is not seen when smoking. In addition, if the metal is not a “stainless steel”, then it will oxidize and require constant care.

The cheapest flasks are made of plastic – with all the ensuing consequences. Such a flask will quickly absorb the smell of smoke and itself will give the water a taste of plastic. Moreover, plastic will quickly change color, and you can’t clean it properly.

The stability of a hookah flask

Since the flask is the basis of the entire hookah construction, it must be very stable and have a fairly heavy bottom and massive walls. The higher your hookah is, the heavier and more stable flask should be.

To ensure that the bottom of the flask does not slip (for example, on a glass surface), you can put on it a special rubber pad. It is also good when the upper part of the flask has an additional metal rim, which provides a more reliable mount with the shaft.

How much liquid should be poured into the flask?

Of course, the flask is never completely filled with water – it is always needed to leave enough room for smoke, which, coming out of the water, will go further into the hose.

It is important to find a middle ground here. After all, if there is not enough water, then the smoke will turn out to be insufficiently purified and cool. And, on the opposite, if there is too much water, it will become harder for you to smoke.

Therefore, most agree that the ideal level of the shaft end immersion in the flask liquid is 2-3 cm.

What to fill in a flask?

The main contents of the flask, as a rule, is plain clean water.
However, if you want to give tobacco smoke additional flavor and properties, you can add a variety of ingredients to the water – chopped fruits, fruit juice, mint leaves, zest, tea, milk and even alcohol.
For instance, milk, due to the presence of fatty acids, will give the smoke a milder taste. At the same time, it is better not to pour the undiluted milk into the flask – otherwise it will begin to hinder the taste of tobacco, as well as it foams very much and gets inside the hose.
This applies even more to alcohol (usually wine is used in hookah). If its content is too high, then instead of a pleasant easy intoxication, you will receive severe poisoning by alcoholic vapors.
The only liquid you do not need to dilute with water is fruit juice. But here it all depends on your personal experience and preferences.

Flask care

We think everyone understands that during smoking, the flask liquid is contaminated. Therefore, after some time you may feel bitterness and an unpleasant smell. This means that it is time to replace the liquid in the flask.
After smoking, it is advisable to immediately pour out the liquid (do not try to drink wine if it has been used there!), and wash the flask thoroughly with a special brush.

September 29, 2020

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