Hose and mouthpiece for a hookah – features and peculiarities to be noted

Why do you need a hose and a mouthpiece for a hookah? We continue studying the device of interest to us. A hose is attached to the top of the flask – the final stretch of the long smoke path from the bowl to your mouth. Here also the smoke is completed to be purified. Therefore, the proper hose should be airtight enough, absorb less odors and not give an outside taste to smoke.

Attaching a hose to a hookah

In relation to the hookah base, the hose can be mounted vertically, horizontally and at an angle. The latter option is most convenient. A vertical mount can cause the hose to be bent in this place and to prevent the smoke flow. And a horizontal one creates a risk that water may get inside the hose (and blowing a hookah will not be easy).

When buying a hose, be sure to check its nozzle – i.e. the part that is inserted into the flask – it should be perfectly round without chips and cracks.

Hookah hose length and density

In order the hose to leave you freedom of movement, but not to bend, it must be sufficiently long, dense and at the same time elastic.

If the hose is too short, then during smoking you will be too “attached” to the hookah that is extremely inconvenient. Therefore, it is desirable that the hose length is not less than 120 cm (ideally – 170-180 cm). However, if the hose is longer than two meters, then, firstly, it can bend very much, and, secondly, it will complicate draught. Another reason that might disturb smoke draught is a too narrow hose diameter.

What are hookah hoses made of?

Adherents of old traditions prefer the hoses made of genuine leather. Yes, they are nice-looking, dense, flexible. But here’s the trouble – leather can quickly absorb odors, and its washing is completely undesirable – it just starts to crumble.

The same applies to the hoses with a woven metal frame. Metal is oxidized by water vapor, so you cannot wash it. As a result, these hoses will often need to be replaced.

But a nylon frame can be washed without any problems. At the same time, it has also its drawbacks – it is not so flexible and warmed up quickly.

The most practical and modern hoses are made of vinyl or silicone. Moreover, they look cool and are easily cleaned. In addition, they usually have an antistatic coating to prevent from debris sticking. True, even in this case, the material will still be darkened by smoke over time. Therefore, aesthetes should purchase the hoses made from opaque silicone.

There are very cheap (and, accordingly, short-lived) hoses – made of rubber, thick foil and even food plastic. The latter is, in fact, disposable and is usually used in hookah bars.

One or more?

Perhaps, you have seen paintings or photos where several elderly Egyptians are sitting around one hookah and smoking it collectively – each with its own hose. This looks, of course, funny, but, in fact, it is much more safe to use one hose and just hand it over in turn.

Firstly, single-hose hookahs are much more airtight. Secondly, there remains a place for a valve allowing the hookah to be purged.

Hookah mouthpiece

On the end of the hose a mouthpiece is put. Since it precisely contacts with your mouth, it is worth saying that using one mouthpiece in the company is unhygienic. Each smoker should have an individual removable mouthpiece.

Mouthpieces are made from a variety of materials – wood, plastic, glass, stone, metal …

The most unhygienic and short-lived is a wooden mouthpiece. Yes, the tree is tactilely pleasant, but in its cracks different pathogens can accumulate. Besides, wood and plastic strongly absorb odors.

The most popular and practical ones are metal mouthpieces, free of all these shortcomings.

When buying a mouthpiece, be sure to check that it is not too narrow, and does not disturb the quality of smoking.

September 29, 2020

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