Dark and blonde tobacco – it is not only about the color

Not everyone knows it but there are more than seventy kinds of tobacco plants that grow in the world. Also, there are quite a few wild kinds that are yet to be studied. Well, it is not just a fun fact. Some smokers think that blonde and dark tobacco are made from different tobacco plants. However, it is far away from the truth.

These two types of tobaccos can be made literally from the same tobacco plant. And they will still be different due to the differences in manufacturing. Let’s dive into the details.

The first thing is that the dark tobacco does have a darker color. It can be almost black or more brownish. And blonde tobacco is much lighter and also often is called golden tobacco. Its color varies from golden to orange or dark yellow.

Blonde leaf – light and flavorful

This type of tobacco has a lower nicotine content and thus it is quite light. It will not give a buzz that dark leaf tobacco would do. This is why golden leaf tobacco is usually recommended for newcomers. Since usually new smokers do not have high nicotine tolerance. Also due to lower nicotine content blonde leaf tobacco soaks in flavors better and ends up to be quite flavorful compared to dark leaf.

So how come is this tobacco so light? The thing is tobacco leaves get washed or even soaked in water before curing. And water washes out excessive nicotine leaving a fresher taste behind.

One more thing that makes blonde leaf so special is the curing method. It gets cured in special funnels with great ventilation system. Outside of these funnels there are special fireboxes that blow hot air inside. This curing method also helps to make blonde leaf softer and sweeter.

Packing the bowl with golden leaf tobacco

This type of shisha tobacco is easy to pack which makes it the best choice for beginners. All you have to do is to fluff the tobacco and pack it lightly without pressing down. This is everything you need to know before you start your first smoking session and prepare your hookah yourself. Piece of cake!

Dark leaf – heavier taste for connoisseurs

While blonde leaf is a washed tobacco, dark leaf is not and thus it is the purest tobacco form. This tobacco is a comparatively new shisha on the market. But already it has won the trust and love of so many experienced hookah smokers.

We are not trying to say that newcomers should not try this type of tobacco. You are always welcome to try and make your own opinion. However, if you had never even smoked a cigarette before, there are chances you will feel sick after smoking.

Also the curing process of dark leaf tobacco is a bit different too. It gets cured in similar ventilated shafts but only with the help of air. It means this time there is no directed heat. On average this curing process takes up to eight weeks.

How different packing dark tobacco is?

Well, it is quite different from packing golden leaf tobacco – that’s for sure. If you do not have sufficient experience with this tobacco, packing and heat managing will not be easy. Dark leaf shisha is very easy to burn if is not packed right. And the right way of packing is to pack it tight. So press it down in the bowl and make sure it is packed below the rim.

One more important hint – you will want to poke holes in the tobacco layer to make airways. After you packed the tobacco into the bowl, cover it with foil. And then when you poke holes in the foil layer, just run the sewing needle (a thumbtack or whatever you are using) through the tobacco layer too.

Now you know quite a lot about the two types of shisha tobacco. It will help you to feel like a professional shisha smoker when picking up new tobacco. And we are more than happy to guide you through the exciting world of shisha.

December 13, 2021

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