Smoking hookah on-the-go with electronic hookah devices

We are sure that even five years ago you would not dream about enjoying electronic hookah while not being at home. For example, while walking, sitting in the car, or spending time outdoors. Setting up a hookah, packing the bowl, lighting up charcoals – all the preparation process would take quite a while. Now you do not have to wait that long to enjoy a tasty smoke. No hassle, no mess, no sticky tobacco particles on your clothes. No risk of dropping hot charcoals – nothing of those risks.

The hookah industry came up with two options how to avoid all the risks but still enjoy smoking hookah. There are electronic hookahs and electronic hookah head. E-hookah heads are not independent apparatuses. They replace the hookah bowl and thus make the preparation procedure almost too easy. While e-hookahs are devices that you can take with you anywhere you want.

We hope you are as excited as we are to talk about these two innovations.

E-hookahs are basically e-cigarettes

E-hookahs entered the industry a few years ago and made a huge splash. They will not be able to completely replace traditional hookahs. But they got their share of the market. E-hookahs are close relatives with e-cigarettes, but they are usually shaped as hookah mouth tip or a hose handle.

The mechanism of how they work is simplistic. There is a cassette for e-liquid, a battery to warm up the liquid and an atomizer that turns it to vapor.

E-hookahs can be of different sizes to satisfy the requirements of different customers. Classical electronic hookahs are rather big but they still can fit into a bag and be taken anywhere you want. Pocket e-hookahs speak for themselves. They are much smaller and light. E-hookah pens are the tiniest of all. All of them provide the same performance and the same amount of fun. So, you only need to decide which size assists your lifestyle better.

Are electronic hookahs better than cigarettes?

Aside from the size, electronic hookah devices can be one-time use or reusable. The one-time ones can provide you up to 800 flavorful puffs. After all e-liquid has been smoked, this e-hookah goes into the trash. Which, of course, is not beneficial for nature. Reusable ones can be used as long as you want up until they break.

Sure, disposable electronic hookahs may be convenient to use at times. But trying to protect the environment, we are still voting for refillable ones.

Smokers choose e-hookah devices due to their compact sizes. But aside that, they are a good alternative to smoking cigarettes. Switching to e-hookah devices helps heavy smokers to deal with nicotine dependency. How does it work?

There are nicotine and nicotine-free e-liquids. And even nicotine ones have much lower nicotine content. Thus, smoking e-hookah a smoker can first start with nicotine e-liquid and then slowly cut nicotine doze. Then, eventually, to start using only nicotine-free liquids if at that point a person still wants to keep smoking.

There is another reason why the hookah world has been shifting towards electronic hookahs. These compact devices are extremely easy to use. No need to pack a hookah bowl that can be very messy, no need to evenly heat up charcoals. No cleaning process after a hookah party. No hassle at all.

E-hookah heads

The last item in our plan is another type of e-hookahs – electronic hookah heads. Even though they belong to e-hookah categories, they are not independent devices. What they do is basically replace the top part of a hookah and connect to the hookah stem. Thus, no charcoals or tobacco is needed. E-liquid is used instead of tobacco and charcoals are replaced by a heat management device that is inside of the hookah head. So, hookah heads are quite techy devices that make your life much easier and your smoking sessions hassle-free. Even though they are bulky, they are definitely worth it.

There are more than enough flavors of e-liquids, so do not worry – you can still have your favorite double apple and citrus flavors.

So, even if you love traditional hookahs, trying e-hookahs is not a bad idea. Anyways – it is always fun to be able to enjoy your hookah everywhere you go.

December 13, 2021

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