Becoming a hookah server – what you need to know before applying for a job

Hookah has been a big part of our lives for about 10 years by now. Still, a hookah server is considered a quite unique and rare occupation. What makes it even more unique is that the only way to get trained as a hookah server is to practice. No doubt, theoretical knowledge is also very important but there is more to this job than meets the eye. There is another complication on the way of becoming a hookah server. There are no training courses for those who want to get the needed skills and knowledge. Although, hookah training courses might as well appear soon because there is a definite need for them.

If explained in short terms, a hookah server is a hookah specialist that performs all needed actions to make sure the hookah is working properly. Sometimes hookah servers are considered bartenders that is in fact wrong. Bartenders know nothing about hookahs. And hookah lounge specialists know nothing about alcohol.

What hookah servers do

The first step in a hookah server’s daily work routine is taking orders from customers. And usually, it is more complicated than taking orders for food. A hookah server must know everything about tobaccos and flavors. So that they would be able to recommend the flavor that would meet the customer’s expectations.

After this part is all discussed and set up, it is time to start preparing the hookah itself. Checking if the apparatus is perfectly fine and operates as expected, packing the bowl, and heating up coals are the next steps of the process. When the hookah is working, the job is not done yet. Now hookah servers keep watching the smoking process making sure customers are satisfied with the service.

And the whole hookah cleaning procedure is also performed by hookah servers. Which is a very tedious process.

Aside from knowing hookahs and tobaccos from A to Z, a hookah server must have high customer service skills. Always being always nice, talkative, and positive disposed towards customers is a must. The thing is working with people is not the easiest job ever.

What to expect from the hookah server job

Here is a typical job description that you can find on any employment site. The requirements and duties are as follows.

  • To be very knowledgeable about different hookahs in general. Moreover, knowing how they operate, differences and similarities
  • Knowing as much as possible about different hookah tobaccos will be a great vantage.
  • Making customers feel welcomed and appreciated.
  • Getting hookahs started and making sure they work properly during each smoking session.
  • Being a team player and having great customer service skills.
  • Cleaning hookahs after smoking sessions.
  • Controlling inventory levels of supplies and reordering when necessary.

And the last and not the least – being a hookah specialist means having to smoke a lot of hookah – all day every day. Obviously, all candidates must be over 21 years old and be hookah enthusiasts.

Only practice makes it perfect

Unfortunately, you cannot learn how to smoke hookah by reading books. You have to actually use hookah a lot and practice as much as possible. Also, there are no courses you can attend to become an experienced hookah specialist. No worries, if you are not knowledgeable enough to apply for this position now. You still can practice at home. With time and practice, you will gain confidence and more knowledge. Up until then just keep doing your “homework” and stay motivated.

Below are a few useful tips and details about what will be waiting for you at your future job as a hookah server.

  • First, you need to take good care of yourself. If you are ever dehydrated, sleep-deprived or just hungry, it may have severe consequences. For example, extreme lightheadedness, headaches. In the worst-case scenario, you might even faint.
  • The art of using hookah is not that simple as it might seem to be. There are a huge number of details, techniques and other things to know. Just do not get overwhelmed. You can do it all by practicing.
  • One of the signs that you are ready to apply for this job is when you can pack the bowl really quick. This skill is purely practical, and you can acquire it at home. You can ask your friends to be coming over as often as they can. This way you can practice while serving hookah for them.
  • A great hookah lounge specialist must know all hookah tobacco types. Consulting customers and giving advice on tobaccos is a big part of the job. To do that, you need to try them all yourself. At this point, if you are not able to purchase them all, just start with a few.
  • When you have mastered the theoretical part and can tell the difference about dark and blonde leaf, now you need to start practicing. Trying various tobaccos at home will help to make your own opinion. Giving tobacco advice to customers can be very tricky and that is why you need to have a really wide experience before you even apply for the job.
  • Reading hookah blogs can be extremely useful too. Many hookah masters have their own blogs and YouTube channels. There is a lot of interesting information you can get from these sources. And you do not have to pay for these tips.
  • No one really likes to clean hookahs. It is the most boring and tedious job. And hookah servers do it a few times a day every day. Are you patient enough to be doing it every day? Only you can answer this question.

We did not mean to scare you though. All we wanted to do is to give you a full information about this unique and fun job. It is not that difficult to become a hookah server even if you do not know much about it yet. With diligence and patience, you will acquire enough skills and knowledge to apply for this job. The most important thing is motivation. Are you motivated?

July 6, 2021

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