The Art of combining hookah with drinks and food

Many smokers have had to face the symptoms of hookah sickness. Now they know how important being hydrated is before you start smoking hookah and in the process of smoking itself. Hookah with drinks and food is the right solution. Starting smoking while being hungry is never a good idea. Also, a smoking session can last for over an hour. That is why it is important to keep yourself hydrated and eat some light food while smoking. That is why in this article we will give you a few tips about how to pair your favorite hookah with food and drinks.

Drinks most smokers avoid

Strong alcoholic drinks

We would not recommend to pair alcohol and hookah for those who are only starting smoking hookah. The thing is combining these two may cause heavy negative symptoms. Such as lightheadedness, headaches or nausea. Even though these symptoms may be quite normal for those who are only starting smoking, alcohol can make it much worse.

However, you can try drinking light alcoholic cocktails while smoking hookah. Listen to your body. If there is no negative reaction to such a pairing, go ahead and add cocktails to your hookah smoking routine.

Overly sweet juices

Even though juices seem to be pairing well with fruity hookah tobaccos, they do not pair at all. Juices have high levels of sugar in them. And sugar is well-known for muffling your taste buds. As a result, the taste of your favorite hookah tobacco will be substituted with the sugar aftertaste. So, there is no need to experiment with joining these two tastes.

Now switching to really good pairings of drinks with hookah smoke

Water is the best drink ever

Water is a unique resource. It has exactly what human bodies need to stay hydrated. Also, when talking about its advantages as a hookah drink, water does not affect the taste sense. Meaning that the taste buds do not get dulled by it. And thus, you will be able to enjoy your hookah session to the fullest.

Also, you can add 1-2 ice cubes to your water cup if you do not feel like drinking plain water. However, if water is too cold, it may still affect your sense of taste.

Tea and coffee

Tea is the easiest drink to pair with hookah. For example, mint tea will be great with mint tobacco, fruit tea is a good partner for fruity tobaccos and so on. Pretty simple and comforting.

Same with coffee – just pair it with warm tobacco flavors. Such as pumpkin pie or cinnamon tobaccos. In this combination, hookah and coffee will surely give you unforgettable taste sensations.

Beer is a perfect drink for every tobacco type

Even though beer is an alcoholic drink, it still suits hookah very well. For light tobacco flavors, light beer will go just perfectly. And dark beer will partner well with stronger tobaccos. That is how simple it is.

Also, many smokers note beer’s ability to sharpen the taste sense. That is why we strongly recommend trying different beers to pick up those that make your taste buds happy when combined with hookah.

Milk can be a decent partner for hookah too

But only if you like milk and do not have lactose tolerance issues. It is definitely worth trying. If combined with cinnamon tobacco, milk will make your hookah session feel warm and relaxing.

All other drinks you like

You should not let anyone or anything to stop you from trying other drink-hookah pairings. Even if other smokers do not agree with your ways. Go wild – try your own combinations and find your own way for how to enjoy your hookah even more.

Best snacks that pair with hookah

The same rule about pairing drinks and hookah should be applied when picking up food for hookah parties. Neither drinks nor food should stay in the way of enjoying the hookah smoke to the fullest. That is why they must fit together.

The main thing to keep in mind is that greasy and overly spicy food can affect your sense of taste. And you will not be able to catch all the subtleties of hookah smoke taste. That is why food has to be light and not too filling.

Fruits are the best hookah snacks

Fruits are very light and refreshing. That is why many smokers prefer fruits when it comes to having some food while smoking hookah. Also, fruits pair with fruity flavored tobacco just perfectly. In this case food will be a harmonious continuation of the hookah. It is up to you what fruits to choose. Most smokers choose peaches or mangoes because they are sweet but not overly sweet. Apples, pears and also strawberries will play their role quite well too.

Nuts are light but also nutritious

Nuts are quite unique – they have a bright characteristic taste. But they do not stand in the way of any tobacco flavor. So, feel free to add some salted cashews or almonds to your food plate. Also, nuts will help if you feel a bit hungry. Every experienced smoker knows that starting smoking hookah while hungry may lead to hookah sickness. And since nuts are nutritious, they will give your body enough calories so that you do not get dizzy or nauseous.

Cheese makes everything better, doesn’t it?

Yes, it does. Its creamy and light taste will partner with basically any tobacco. The creamier the cheese, the better. So, you can go for either brie or mozzarella. Or try to pair any of your favorite cheeses with hookah and see if you like such a pairing.

Desserts pair best with sweet and fruit-flavored tobaccos

Desserts topped with fruits or berries, chocolate cakes, or cheesecakes drizzled with honey would create an unforgettable pairing with hookah. Especially if you have a sweet tooth.

All above-mentioned food and drinks combinations have been tested by experienced smokers. However, if you like experiments, you do not have to stick to those rules. You can test all other food and drinks that you would like to try to pair with your favorite hookah.

July 26, 2021

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