Hookah tobacco – is it worth smoking?

Many people wonder whether to start smoking hookah tobacco or not. We will try to answer the question about the dangers of tobacco.

What is a hookah? Hookah is a device that is used for smoking tobacco. During smoking, the smoke is cooled and moistened. As liquids some people use water, alcohol or many other liquids. They do not only filter smoke, but also complement the taste of smoke. There is a tube in the flask with water. Smoke passes through it directly into the water. Then, through another pipe, smoke enters the smoker’s mouth.

This ancient tradition originated in India. Then it became popular among the Muslim people. Today, this tradition has spread throughout the world.

Is hookah tobacco harmful or not?

It is believed that hookah and hookah tobacco are completely harmless. Moreover, it is very popular among young people in particular.

In addition, adherents of hookah smoking are sure that, unlike cigarettes, it is not addictive.

Hookah tobacco contains nicotine. Usually this amount equals 0.05%. Thus, in a 50 gram pack there are 25 mg of nicotine. It is designed for 4 hookah sessions. As a result, for one smoke we get 6.25 mg of nicotine. While in one cigarette there are 0.8 mg.

What is nicotine and is it dangerous?

Nicotine belongs to alkaloids. Moreover, it has a toxic effect and causes addiction. Just because of it, smokers can not get rid of this bad habit.

Can a hookah be healthy?

  • Hookah tobacco is known to have a calming effect. Moreover, even relaxing. Often in everyday life, we experience stress or worry. In this case, smoking hookah with friends will be an effective tool in the fight against everyday problems. As well as distractions from ongoing hassle.
  • There is an opinion that hookah tobacco has a positive effect on the condition of our vocal cords. Thus they become more elastic. And the voice is soft and velvet.
  • In addition, you can add eucalyptus and mint. Which in its turn prevents from respiratory diseases.
  • Compared to cigarettes or cigars, due to the device’s design, smoke is filtered through water or other liquid. Therefore, tobacco smoke is clean from harmful substances. For example, tar and nicotine. Moreover, when smoke passes through water, it cools. Therefore, airways are not so irritated compared to cigarettes

It is also worth taking into account the time determines the harm and benefits of hookah. It is believed that the hour of smoking a hookah is equal to one cigarette.

Particular attention should be paid to the composition of tobacco. Many manufacturers use fruit syrup, which reduces the negative qualities of tobacco. Of course, there are now nicotine-free hookah mixes at the market.
To get high-quality pleasure from hookah smoking, you must know the main rules. First, refrain from buying bad tobacco. That is, an unknown brand or one in which there is a lot of garbage.

As we previously wrote in our articles, pay special attention to the cleanliness of the hookah itself. Do not drink alcohol during the hookah session.

To smoke a hookah or not – you have to decide for yourself. In any case, our team advises in all respects to comply with the measure.

September 29, 2020

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