Hookah with milk

Today, hookah is not just a tradition, but a space for creativity. Moreover, manifestation of self. Thus, hookah with milk appeared. Thanks to milk, the taste becomes soft and creamy. During smoking you will get thick and saturated smoke.

It is worth saying that hookah with milk has gained its fans, both among women and men. Our team will be happy to tell you how to prepare such hookah.

What kind of milk is suitable for this hookah?

Of course, to get a great taste, you need to consider many nuances. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to milk. First, we recommend to choose nonfat milk. You will ask why? The answer is very simple. High fat milk will help foam. In this way, it will fill the flask and hose, which will undoubtedly ruin the taste of tobacco.

You can add water so that the foam does not form so quickly. Or, during smoking, you can also add water. But don’t overdo it!

As for the type of milk, it is better to take a cow one. For example, not everyone will like goat milk because of a specific smell.

Hookah with milk – how to prepare?

We recommend using the following proportions. A third of milk and two-thirds of water. In case you have high fat milk, it is better to add more water. However, this is just a recommendation. You can experiment with proportions. Moreover, milk powder is also suitable.

The main rule is to adhere strictly to the sequence of actions.

First, pour water and check its amount. Then slowly add milk. Pay attention – water and only then milk. If you do the opposite, a lot of foam will appear.

If you add ice to the flask, the taste of the hookah will be softer. Salt can be used to reduce foaming. One tablespoon and voila no foam.

Tobacco for hookah with milk

Now we know how much milk and water will be needed for hookah with milk. What about the taste of tobacco?

You can try it with your favorite tastes. But here it is important to understand that milk will change the taste of tobacco. Experienced hookah smokers advise using cappuccino and chocolate flavors. You can also put some coffee or cocoa in the flask itself. Thus, you will get excellent taste and aroma.

In addition, fruit tobaccos in combination with milk will also be interesting. For hookah with milk, you can take Peach, Banana or Apple. Strawberry and Orange will resemble ice cream.

A lot of hookah admires say that hookah with milk is mild and soft. Moreover, after smoking there is no headache. In any case, hookah is always a holiday. Now you know how to prepare hookah with milk. And you can treat yourself and your friends with something new.

September 29, 2020

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