Portable hookah cups – one more step towards convenience

Right when we thought there could not be anything interesting and unique in the hookah industry, they surprised us. So, there are really awesome portable hookah cups. That is why we are sure that you are going to love them as much as we do!

To tell the truth, we are obsessed with it. And you will be too once you try it. It is more than easy to assemble, use and clean it.

The main idea is convenience. So now you can just take your hookah literally anywhere you go with this portable hookah cup. You did not expect this, did you? Yet the future is already here. Now you can smoke hookah outdoors. Moreover, to take it with you on vacations and enjoy while taking a bath. Or even on the go. It is more than great for travelling. Just pack it and take with you.

However, for your safety – please, do not drive and do hookah at the same time. This is the only precaution we have about this cool invention.

Are the portable hookah cups a new invention to change the world?

The portable hookah cups have been around not that long. But there are more and more people who have them. And so far we have not heard any regrets from hookah lovers, which means that people love it.

Let’s check it out with more details to see.

The main things to know about portable cups

The portable hookah cup set comes with the following items included. First of all, tongs. Secondly, a charcoal holder and bowl. Also a downstem with a diffuser. In addition a hookah cup itself and silicone hose.

The main material used for this hookah cup is acrylic. On the other side, the parts that touch charcoal and tobacco are metal, of course. There is an elastic spring that prevents the silicone hose from bending too much. Thus it gives a longer life to the hose. So, everything is safe and well-thought-out.

These hookah cups take you just a few minutes to clean. We could not have dreamt about anything like this before. Everyone knows how important is to clean a hookah thoroughly after each use. By cleaning it, well, you will get clean and pure taste of your favorite hookah tobacco during next hookah sessions.

These cups have only one hose. So they are individual which is also cool. Now you do not have to share your delicious hookah with anyone else. Or wait for your turn to get the hose.

LED lights for your hookah

Most models of portable hookah cups are equipped with LED lights. This option might be useful for parties. Even though no one goes to many parties nowadays. We are sure that the time will come for us to enjoy the life to the fullest.

For now, we can have family gatherings. But who said we can not have hookah with family around? Also, with LED lights it is extremely easy to find your hookah in the dark. Or just tell yours among the others.

We know for sure that many hookah lovers have quite a few hookahs at home. Starting from large ones made of glass and metal with a long shaft. And, for instance, small ones for a small circle of friends and other ones – just for fun.

That’s is how it is supposed to be. So each hookah serves best for a specific occasion. It works the same way with these small cups. They are just perfect for one person, so when you do not expect any guests, but you still want to enjoy your favorite tobacco, you will be happy you got one of these portable cups.

February 23, 2021

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