Hookah Sickness – symptoms and prevention

We smoke hookah to get relaxed and to chill with friends, but to get hookah sickness. Here we are not talking about minor hookah buzz that wears off in a minute or so. We are talking about such symptoms as nausea or lightheadedness. Also, dizziness and vision impairment. It is called hookah sickness.

Disclaimer – these symptoms may be caused by serious health conditions. So, if you feel unwell while smoking hookah for more than a few times, please, see a doctor.

Hookah buzz, as well as hookah sickness, usually happen to newcomers. It is just every person has different nicotine tolerance level. Especially if beginners have never even smoked a cigarette. In this case light symptoms of hookah sickness are quite normal and should not be a concern. Also, there are a few useful tips how to avoid getting unwell from hookah.

Step #1 – stay hydrated

Liquids are extremely important for keeping us well and helping our bodies to function properly. Since we are basically made of water, we cannot feel well if dehydrated. So, if you feel a bit thirsty, chances are very high that you may experience hookah sickness symptoms. In order to enjoy hookah, you literally have to watch the amount of liquids you drink throughout a day. A very simple step, right? Also do your best to drink water, tea, or other kinds of liquid during smoking. It will also help your body to keep a normal heart rate.

Step #2 – make sure to have some light food before smoking

Nicotine affects blood pressure by increasing it. And in its turn, high blood pressure can disturb your stomach making you feel sick. That’s why having a light snack or a light meal will help you to avoid nausea while smoking.

It has to be something more substantial than a muffin or a banana. Try a sandwich or a noodle dish. In this case additional carbs will not be bad for you.

Step #3 – do not take too many puffs when smoking

Puffing too much will definitely make you sick and nauseous. Let us remind you again – hookah is supposed to make you relaxed and calm while sharing the fun with friends. It is not a competition where the winner takes the biggest number of puffs.

Step #4 – light your charcoals properly

Charcoals have to be heated up until they are amber red. There is no way around it. Charcoals are combustible materials. They may give off carbon monoxide if are not lit up properly. You can avoid feeling unwell by just making sure the charcoals are evenly heated.

Step #5 – buy only high-quality tobacco and charcoals

Smoking hookah, as well as smoking cigarettes, cannot be considered a healthy hobby. But what you can do is at least use top quality tobaccos and charcoals. Taking care of your health in this way can literally save your life.

Step #6 – smoke hookah ONLY in well-ventilated rooms

We put this step under number 6, but it does not mean it is not that important. Quite on the contrary, it is extremely important. Do not smoke hookah in rooms that do not have professionally installed and properly working ventilation systems.  It is the main cause of getting hookah sickness.

While smoking, gases get released into the area and may get accumulated there which will lead to nausea, headaches and dizziness.

Tips to ease hookah sickness symptoms

If you have been following all the steps above and you did get unwell while smoking hookah, it means that it is time for you to see your doctor. However, if your symptoms are not that serious, we know how to help you to lessen them.

The most important thing to do is to leave the room you were smoking in and go outside. If you feel quite dizzy, you need to sit down. Even if there is nowhere to sit at all. It is better to sit on the ground than to faint, don’t you agree? After getting outside to the fresh air you need to drink a lot of water. Even if you are not dehydrated, your heart rate most likely will be quite high. And fluids are what your heart needs to go back to normal.
Taking vitamin C will have its benefits too. If you cannot find any vitamins around, just eat any fruits that is rich with vitamin C. They can be kiwis, citruses, strawberries, blackberries, or cranberries.

Please, stay well and enjoy the hookah. But at least now you know what to do if you ever feel that hookah sickness got into you.

July 26, 2021

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